Jim Plante Is a Man on a Mission

Jim Plante has spent his entire career working to improve businesses in the technology and healthcare sectors. Although he has much to brag about in the way of accomplishments, his work ethic has kept him humble, allowing him to continue to help others strive for success. Whether he is the CEO of a company or has built one from the foundation up, his goal is to reach success and improve the shares of shareholders. With his innovative style and vast expertise, he has changed countless companies, helping them to increase revenue and get out of the red.

Jim is an investor at heart and loves taking on the challenge of a company that just cannot seem to rise above the obstacles preventing them from being successful. One such example of his determination is when he helped in the acquisition of Beltronics. Becoming the president of the company allowed him to use his business expertise so the company could successfully sell over 40 million units and make shares increase in value to the point shareholders saw over an 8,000 percent increase in value.

Jim started out by earning his degree at Southern Illinois University. Since then, he has successfully worked for over twenty-five years as an entrepreneur, investing in technology companies and now placing his focus on biotechnology and how it relates to healthcare. His love for people and helping bring about change has allowed him to create a foundation that is truly changing lives all over the world.

When Jim founded the Foundation For Kidney Transplant Research, his goal was to change the way technology was used to conduct transplants. The foundation was set up so funding would be available to research teams who are focused on protecting the lives of kidney patients.

Mr. Plante works diligently to push for beneficial changes in the healthcare industry. His company, Pathway Genomics, provides research in genetic testing with the hope of making changes to the way diseases are treated and prevented. Even though he has been working tirelessly for over twenty-five years, Jim simply cannot throw in the towel and retire just yet. He intends to continue his work into the foreseeable future.