How Jim Plante and Pathway Genomics are Leading the Way to Improved Health for All

The human genome is a treasure trove of information, much of which has yet to be put to good use. Researchers and futurists look forward to a time when an understanding of each person’s genes will help inform and support every medical decision and procedure. While there is still plenty of progress needed to achieve that lofty goal, plenty of important steps are being taken. Entrepreneurs and leaders like Jim Plante, for example, are even now helping to usher in the day when insights into the human genome will guide patients to better health for life.

Plante’s interest in the field arose from a truly personal source. With his father suffering from a serious genetic kidney disease, the son became aware that better diagnostic tools could have identified the problem before the organs failed. That led the entrepreneur to eventually found a company dedicated to making genomic information more accessible and accurate, with the new venture quickly gaining traction.

Since the, Pathway Genomics has become a true leader in the field, as by now offering a wider range of tests and diagnostic suites than any single competitor. From genetic susceptibility to heart disease to how likely a particular person might be to struggle with obesity later in life, these powerful tools are already making a difference for many.

The same company’s services also help support and enhance the effectiveness of existing medical treatments and pharmaceutical drugs. By testing a person’s genome for signs of sensitivity to particular compounds or other distinctive features, physicians can design much more closely tailored and suitable courses of treatment. Instead of the one size fits all approaches of the past, this more accessible style of genomic information gathering is bringing in a new era of customized, personalized medicine.

While it will likely be many more years before the human genome can fully and finally be understood, every bit of progress toward that ultimate goal is a worthy one. Entrepreneurs like Plante and businesses like Pathway Genomics are the ones leading the charge on a daily basis. Over time, the progress that accumulates and disseminates outward can only benefit people and those they care about all around the world.